European Study Group with Industry ESGI141

25th-29th June 2018, UCD Dublin.

ESGI’s are week-long workshops that provide a forum for industrial scientists to work alongside academics on problems of direct industrial relevance.

The scientific focus of the workshop is on the investigation and development of a suite of working solutions to complex challenging projects submitted by industry that require mathematical/statistical/computational expertise.

A very enjoyable, productive and fruitful week at ESGI141. Thanks to Prolego Scientific, Electricity Supply Board (ESB), Analog Devices and Captured Carbon for their interesting projects.

Frontiers in Functional Data Analysis

The Banff International Research Station, Canada

June 28th to July 3rd, 2015.

Fantastic workshop. Many thanks to Debashis Paul, Surajit Ray and David Ruppert for the invite.

In recent years, the field of functional data analysis has been widely used to answer science and policy questions, where the data are typically observed over time, space and other continuous variables. Current methodologies provide sophisticated computational techniques in solving complex problems in a wide range of application areas ranging from biomedical imaging, climate-environment interaction and unraveling networks evolving in time and space. After a period of prolific growth in computational techniques and methodological development, primarily motivated by diverse application areas, the time has come to consolidate the recent progress and provide a platform where researchers could exchange ideas and start collaboration on scientific projects and build a robust inferential framework for functional data analysis that takes into account the increasing complexities of the data.

This workshop is intended to bring together the leaders in this field, representatives of application areas, and promising young researchers to charter the path for future development in the field.