Distributed Data for Dynamics and Manifolds

December 13, 2018 Off By michellecarey_j50p0430

BIRS-affiliated mathematics research centre, Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO),

3rd September - 8th September 2017

Very interesting and insightful workshop many thanks to Jiguo Cao, Giles Hooker, James Ramsay, Laura Sangalli, and Fang Yao for the invite.

The ever-increasing rise of automated measurement has allowed us an unprecedented view of the world around us; from chemical processes on cell surfaces to global climate models, new sensors are capable of recording complex processes over a huge variety of spatial scales. The challenge is now not to collect data, but to analyze it.

This workshop focused on pairing complex models of physical processes with large data sets recorded on complex objects to refine our models and develop a new understanding of these processes. This workshop brought together statisticians, mathematical biologists, geometers, and applied mathematicians to develop new methods to understand how this new wealth of data can inform and improve mathematical models in these fields and how these models, in turn, can affect how the data is collected and measured.